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This thirty-three year old patient complained of significant breast asymmetry compounded by poor shape. Her breasts were ptotic (droopy) and the areolas were enlarged. The nipple/areolar complexes and a moderate amount of breast tissue were both positioned well below the bottom crease of the breast. The left breast demonstrated "constriction" with a narrowed base, less volume and an abnormal fold. She wanted to correct these asymmetries and become a full D cup.

I performed a circumareolar mastopexy with reduction of the areolar diameter, correction of the constriction on the left side and insertion of saline breast implants. This technique utilizes two concentric circular incisions placed around the areola and a purse string suture for closure. She received a 420 ml saline implant on the left and a 330 ml implant on the right side.

Her post-operative photographs were taken two months after her procedure. Fading of the incisions will continue for several more months.


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