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Gynecomastia (Male Breast Reduction)

Gynecomastia is the benign enlargement of the male breast. The condition can occur at any age and results from a variety of hormonal, physiologic, pathologic, chemically induced, idiopathic and familial conditions. A substantial number of males have some excess of breast tissue.

The majority of cases fall into the idiopathic category, which means that no specific cause for the gynecomastia can be identified. A typical patient has normal levels of hormones and exhibits all the external characteristics of the properly developed male.

The presence of even a small amount of breast tissue can be very disturbing to the patient. Poor self esteem and social withdrawal often accompany this condition, especially during the summer months. For a patient with a large amount of breast tissue, anxiety may be prevalent throughout the year.

When a patient arrives at the Wetherington Plastic Surgery Center for a consultation, a thorough history is taken and physical examination is performed. A patient is likely to learn that his gynecomastia is quite common in males. A unique surgical plan will be created for the patient, and all of his questions will be answered.

The surgical management of gynecomastia involves removal of the breast tissue through a small incision along the edge of the areola. A combination of direct excision and liposuction is used to restore the normal contour of the chest wall. The surgery is performed at the Wetherington Plastic Surgery Center using general anesthesia and is approximately two hours in duration. A small drain is left in the area for a few days, and the patient wears a compression dressing for one to two weeks. Normal activity levels can resume in three to four weeks.

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