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One of the hallmarks of aging is the gradual decent of facial tissue. As cheek tissue migrates downward, the area beneath the lower eyelids develops a hollow appearance. There is also a deepening of the nasolabial folds which run from the corner of the mouth up to the base of the nose. The 'Midface lift' repositions these tissues to help create a smoother transition from the lower eyelid onto the cheek.

At the Wetherington Plastic Surgery Center the Midface lift is performed using general anesthesia. The procedure is often performed in conjunction with the lower eyelid blepharoplasty. The incisions are placed just below the eyelashes along the edge of the lid and extend across the lower eyelid into the 'crow's feet' area. The tissue over the cheek bones is elevated and secured. Excess skin on the lower eyelid can then be safely removed.

A patient will likely experience significant bruising and swelling for one to two weeks. Sutures are removed after the first week. For a few weeks a patient may experience an upward tilt to the outer corner of the eye that clears once the swelling has resolved and the tissue has an opportunity to relax.

The Midface lift improves soft tissue relationships related to aging of the middle third of the face. This area of the face is not dealt with during a cheek, jowl and neck lift. Although there is a two to four week period of convalescence, a patient enjoys the benefits he/she receives.

During a complimentary cosmetic consultation at the Wetherington Plastic Surgery Center you will discover the many treatment options that are available to help improve your facial appearance.

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