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Skin Care Services

Healthy skin has an enormous impact on overall appearance and self-confidence. When speaking of skin care, the saying "an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure" definitely holds true. Five basic and inexpensive lifestyle choices that promote good skin health include dedicated protection from the sun, gentle cleansing, a healthy diet, stress management and not smoking.

At the Wetherington Plastic Surgery Center our skin care services are focused on helping the patient achieve her maximum potential for healthy, vibrant skin. We employ well-known, quality product lines which allow the patient to achieve maximum results. Our skin care specialist, Robbie Ann Baker, is well-trained on the use of our products, is a licensed cosmotologist and has worked with Dr. Wetherington and his patients for over twenty years. She is trained in color analysis, application of cosmetics, camouflage makeup, DermaCulture®, facials, MD Forte® and the entire line of products from Obagi® and ColoreScience®.

Skin care at the Wetherington Plastic Surgery Center is a team effort. The visit begins with a thorough evaluation by Mrs. Baker. During this process questions may arise regarding either medical issues or about specific findings on the skin. Dr. Wetherington is available to render a complimentary examination and recommend treatment if necessary. Mrs. Baker is available after the purchase of products and services to answer questions, monitor progress and fine tune results.

You may visit the skin care salon any time during normal business hours to purchase products. Please call our office to schedule a complimentary consultation with Mrs. Baker.

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